Stone & Mortar / Trowel & Sword

A serialized, Investigative, Descriptive Narrative regarding the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Story begins at a beginning; for there truly are many beginnings; and eventually will end; although our story never truly can end. This is a Story with historical characters, scenery, pictures, background, actions and inactions with an ineffable plot. This is not an academic treatise. There are no footnotes or citations. There are, however, interesting bits of information which are irrevocably attached to other interesting bits of information, in ways in which you have been unaware. We will post every 3 weeks or so.  Roderick L. Jones 330

Chapter #1 British Colonization Commences
Chapter #2 Charles II Exile & Enlightenment
Chapter #3 Restoration of Charles II
Chapter #4 Charles II & The Carolinas
Chapter #5 Pre-Revolution Boston
Chapter #6 The Navigation Acts
Chapter # 7 A Perspective on New France
Chapter #8 Our Common Heritage
Chapter #9 Of Kings, Queens, Barons & Revenge
Chapter #10 The Game of Supremacy Part One
Chapter #11 The Game of Supremacy Part Two
Chapter #12 The Game of Supremacy Part Three
Chapter #13 The Game of Supremacy - Stalemate
Chapter #14 The Dissolution

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